Tag some of your teammates
It’s always nice to know when and where you can get easy assist from. This is one of the ways. Attack the basket from the wing or baseline…if no one shows up…lay the ball up…if help comes look for the bounce pass to the big man in the paint. If he’s not open, then look for the shooter in the opposite corner.
As a shooter, when you see someone attacking, automatically slide down to the corner. You should have an open shot but more importantly the defense will be scrambling which leaves open a pull up jumper or another wide open teammate.
We will be working on this and other things this Saturday in the lab to help raise players IQ as much as we can. Sign up now while spots are available grades 8-10. The link is in my bio.
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Tag people you know that work hard.
While in Vegas I got to workout Julian Jacobs, a freshman guard who plays at USC. It’s people like this that I love working out.
I’m over working out the guys who want to come in the gym and chill and are afraid to get uncomfortable. Wishing the best to this guy and looking forward to some of his top plays on espn🐰🐰🐰…
Lookout for next Saturdays in the lab workout. Will be posting the link soon. Still editing episode 6…b done ASAP… #itl #inthelab #ballislife #uscbasketball #hardwork
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Tag your workout partner.
I’ve seen a lot of people hit this move but white chocolate on John Stockton is the first to come to mind.
In n out to the behind the back. On this move it’s hard to stop if your running right at somebody. In my opinion The “out” is more important than the “in” (if that makes any sense).
The behind the back is a wrap…and the footwork is like karaoke ….I’m doing a full break down on this move soon so check it out when it comes out.
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Refuse the screen from the wing, kick out to the top.
I watched this happen 3 times in the last 2 weeks in nba summer league. I saw mark price do it so I thought it would be helpful to some of you.
The defense is designed to protect the house/rim , so if you can refuse the screen from the wing, a lot of the times there will be an open man right there at the top if he slides up from the opposite wing. May seem complicated to some of you but I’ll show more examples of it.
It always helps to know where you can get easy assist from. Makes the game easy.
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