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In a pick n roll, if you don’t understand what a hedge is(defense) basically the defender helps on the ball handler off of a pick n roll. When he sees the ball handler retreat back toward half court, he runs back to his man ..which is normally around the block area
But sometimes when big men hedge they do it very lackadaisical …they step really lazy and then jogs back.
If the screener sets a good screen…a jumper is wide open when the big man jogs back.
I’ve seen Chris Paul do this a million times. A lot of people call this a million diff things but that’s pretty much it in a nut shell.
Master the pick n roll…hope this helped somebody..
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Anybody remember when Antonio Daniels started playing “twister” in the middle of a basketball game.

Iverson was raw and highlights really don’t do him justice to how good he really was.

We work on moves like him but not before we learn to run and dribble at full speed with both hands…how to box out…how to pass with both hands…learn the basics before you learn to bend them
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This is almost exactly how I reacted when I saw these clips live..
I don’t think you guys really get it…I wanted to be Iverson when I was a kid. So watching this destroyed my confidence….It was like seeing my father get knocked out of his shoes…by a woman..
I was in denial about it to my friends for a month but then I thought about it….plenty of ppl have pushed me off on a crossover and I didn’t end up sliding on my shoulder…gettin stretched out like I was testing out a sleep mattress.
Sigh…I wonder how Tyron Lou felt when he saw this…
I’m sure glad they weren’t on the photoshop movement back then because this would have been a great picture to make a meme out of.
Truth is…good players …great players get dunked on…if u never have…u not playing against good enough players
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I’ll always remember this move because I thought Iverson was really going to take the championship away from the Lakers.
When i was young i wanted to be Iverson. Had his shoes..arm sleeves..all that. I use to try to duplicate this move just like Iverson. Pull the defenders hand, drive hard, snatch back through the legs. Made a few ppl touch down using this. Lol I push off everytime though…never been called for it.

Tyron lou actually played solid defense…and got a hand up….regardless of how good Lou was…he will always be known for this…Iverson stepped right over him lol